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Greensferry Overpass was also substantially completed in 2015, which adds an additional connection from
               the north side of Post Falls to the south side of Post Falls. This connection assists the commercial properties
               in the area, as well as provide more efficient connectivity for emergency services.

               The City and Agency continue to work on transportation improvements within other areas of the community,
               including completing the Spencer Street connection to Seltice Way and a providing multi-use trail along the
               east side of Highway 41 that received grant funding through the Community Choices for Idaho program.
               This funding also has matching funds coming from the Urban Renewal Agency.

               Staff  will  continue  in  2016  with  economic  development  efforts  supporting  business  recruitment,
               development of an economic development program for Post Falls, expand marketing materials, improve
               the effectiveness of the economic development webpage, evaluate vacant and underdeveloped land, and
               evaluate possible incentives to encourage infill development. Staff will also be working with city officials to
               evaluate  existing  master  plans  and  the  City’s  vision  related  to  growth  and  desired  development
               patterns.  This effort is expected to include hiring a consultant to update the City’s Comprehensive Plan
               and Zoning Code.

               Public  Health/Environment  -  The  goal  of  effective  and  timely  maintenance  and  repair  of  facilities  and
               equipment is one of our highest priorities. We continue to work towards better treatment of all pollutants
               and  provide  the  best  service  to  our  community.  Equally  important  is  the  effort  to  assure  that  the
               infrastructure constructed by developers, builders and private contractors is constructed to the highest
               possible standard while complying with recognized standards and specifications.

               The  Street  Maintenance  Division  has  a  program  of  bi-weekly  sweeping  citywide  through  the  summer
               months to help with dust control. This program has worked well to reduce dust from the traffic on our City

               The City has directed greater effort to crack sealing, seal coating and maintenance overlay of streets to
               preserve current paved surfaces. A program has been initiated to pave or replace badly deteriorated chip
               sealed  streets  with  new  pavement  in  residential  districts.  Over  the  last  two  years,  we  invested  over
               $1,000,000 in this area to improve the traveling service.

               The  Water  Utility  Division  operates  a  water  system  to  serve  the  City  which  consists  of  9  wells  and  5
               reservoirs. We have a pumping capacity of 14 million gallons a day with reservoir capacity of 6.5 million
               gallons.  The  Water  Utility  Division  is  currently  conducting  an  update  to  the  system  Master  Plan  to
               understand necessary capital improvement and maintenance needs over the next 20 years in general and
               5 years in detail.

               The Water Reclamation Facility has a capacity of 4.1 million gallons a day. The City now maintains 33 lift
               stations to serve the community. The bio-solids from the plant are continuing to be hauled off site and are
               processed by Barr Tech. The bio-solids are then composted at their state of the art facilities. The Water
               Reclamation Division has 628 acres for future land application for reclaimed water. In 2014, the City was
               issued  a  5-year  NPDES  permit  with  some  of  the  most  stringent  permit  requirements  in  the  nation.
               Construction was substantially completed in late 2016 on the first of several phased upgrades toward future
               compliance with that permit. The permit contains a ten-year compliance schedule. The City submitted a
               plan in November, 2015 outlining the necessary steps to be taken in order to meet the compliance schedule.
               As the next step in that plan, a pilot test is currently underway to determine the appropriate technology for
               the next treatment plant upgrade.  That test will conclude in fall of 2017.

               In 2016, the City purchases 245 acres of timbered property for use as the future recycled water site.  This
               offsets a need identified in the City’s Water Reclamation master plan to obtain additional acreage for water
               reuse projects.

               The City’s Surface Water program continues to maintain the drainage system and associated NPDES
               permit. Additionally, the City owns and maintains a large system of bio-infiltration swales which treat runoff
               prior to infiltration into the soil.

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