City Projects

This page provides updates on City of Post Falls projects and major projects in the City. It is updated as new information on projects is made available. City Projects Update is a weekly update on current projects.

Current Projects

WEEKLY UPDATE (current Update on City projects)

Greensferry Overpass Project


URA project page with FAQs, construction photos and project details

Facebook posts - A weekly narrative and photos of the project

Engineering Projects

    Concept Plan Angled Parking
    Concept Plan Parallel Parking

State Highway 41 Pedestrian/Bicycle Trail

    Trail Plans
Water Reclamation Projects

2013 Water Reclamation Facility Master Plan


Streets Projects

2015 STREETS PROJECTS MAP - The map shows what streets have paving or sealing scheduled in 2015

Avista Projects



Avista 2015 Spokane River HDD/Bore Project Revised Schedule


Parks Division Projects


Completed City Projects

Title Of Project Project Department Date Completed
15th/16th Realignment
Engineering 07/17/2014
Engineering 12/19/2014
Spokane St. Roundabout Landscaping Parks 12/01/14


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