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A Message from Finance & Support Services Director
Jason Faulkner

Finance Director Jason FaulknerThe Finance Department incorporates all accounting services for the City. The department prepares the Annual Budget, a financial report for review by City auditors, Other departmental functions include: Payroll/ responsible for the preparation of 26 payrolls, benefits and taxes of City employees; Billing and Collections/ for local improvement districts, utility customers, and miscellaneous services; Accounts Payables/ accurate and timely processing and payment of invoices; and provides a full-service accounting function for the City. The Finance Department's accomplishments include: Award of Excellence from the Association of Idaho Cities on implementation of a curb-side recycling program; received the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Certificates of Achievement for Excellence annually since 1999 for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), for the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) since 2008, and the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the City’s budget 2014.

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Utility Rate Increase due to EPA Requirements:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has required Idaho municipalities to reduce the levels of oxygen demanding substances and total phosphorus in the treated effluent discharged into the Spokane River.  The lower levels of oxygen demanding substances and phosphorus will reduce the amount of algae growth currently present in the Lake Spokane reservoir.  The only way to reduce the level of oxygen substances and total phosphorus in treated effluent is to upgrade the City’s wastewater treatment plant to accommodate this mandate.  Failure to comply with the EPA requirements will result in a fine of approximately $1,000,000 per month until the mandate is meet.  J-U-B Engineers, Inc. has assisted the City of Post Falls to develop a multi-year strategy that will provide stable revenue to meet the total operating and capital costs of providing wastewater service.   JUB Sewer Financial Plan and Capitalization Fee excerpt w/ summarized annual revenue requirement.


Finance Documents can be found in the Document Center under the Finance tab. Payables for the current month and months past can be found under the AP Reports tab.

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