Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is open 8 am - 5 pm Mon - Fri, located on the 1st floor of City Hall

The mission of the Engineering Division is to provide efficient support to the Public Works Department, Citywide departments, as well as developers and contractors. The Engineering Division strives to provide consistent judgment and fairness in our dealings with developers and contractors to allow for development to proceed in an economical manner while protecting the interests, health and welfare of the citizens of the City of Post Falls. The Engineering Division also pursues upholding a good representation of City Government.

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Contact Information
City Engineer
Bill Melvin
Ph: (208) 773-4235
Assistant City Engineer
Robert Palus
Ph: (208) 773-4235
Staff Engineer
James Mulcahy
Ph: (208) 773-4235
Senior Engineering Technician
Darrin Hibbs
Ph: (208) 773-4235
Administrative Specialist
Jennifer Cresci
Ph: (208) 773-4235


Standard Detail Drawings Formatted in PDF
You may copy and distribute City of Post Falls Standard Drawings for commercial purposes, subject to the following terms of use and notices.
City of Post Falls Standard Drawings may not be changed or modified in any way, other than in scale. If changed or modified in scale, the drawing title, date, drawing number and the City Engineers signature may not be reduced or enlarged beyond legibility and may not be otherwise modified, altered or obstructed.
Non-substitution of designated materials
Substitute of other materials, appurtenances, equipment or other components or other configurations of components for those shown in the City of Post Falls Standard Drawings, are prohibited unless permitted in writing to do so by the City Engineer or designee.
Permit Required
Use of the City of Post Falls Standard Drawings does not eliminate the requirement that you obtain all appropriate permits (including without limitation land use and building permits) concerning any construction project you undertake within the City of Post Falls.
Note: These Standard Drawings are modified periodically. For the latest version of the Standard Drawings, please check for any updates prior to using them.
The drawings are formatted in PDF.
The drawings in these files do not conform to one standard scale. Rather, each drawing is scaled to show the best graphic representation within an 8 1/2" by 11” page.


Dwg. No.

Drawing Title


Typical Trench
..WATER - 400
Dwg. No.
Drawing Title
Fire Hydrant Detail
Water Service Detail (1" - 2")
Thrust Block Specifications
Thickened Collar
Irrigation Service (Non-Metered)
Commercial Irrigation Service (Metered)
6" Water Service
3" And Larger Meter Setting
Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly
Double Check Valve Assembly
Blow Off Detail
Dwg. No. Drawing Title
501 Manhole Detail
502 Drop Manhole Detail
503 Sewer Service Line Types A & B
504 Sewer Service Line Type C (Preferred)
505 Oil / Water Separator
506 Sewer Clean-Out Detail
507 Force Main Bypass
508 Force Main Isolation Valve
509 Typical Lift Station (Elevation)
510 Typical Lift Station (Plan)
Dwg. No. Drawing Title
601 Typical Grassy Swale with Drywell
602 Type 1 Catch Basin and Grate
603 ITD Type 1 Catch Basin
604 Catch Basin Grate Details
605 Drainage Curb Cut
606 Sidewalk Underdrain (Cast-In-Place)

Sidewalk Underdrain (Precast)

..STREETS - 2000
Dwg. No. Drawing Title
2001 Typical Street Section, Local Residential
2002 Typical Street Section, Local Commercial / Industrial
2003 Typical Street Section, Minor Collector
2004 Typical Street Section, Major Collector
2005 Typical Street Section, Minor Arterial
2006 Typical Street Section, Rural Residential
2007 Cul-De-Sac
2008 Street Knuckle Detail, W / Ped. Ramps
2009 Standard Straight Curb
2010 Standard Curb and Gutter
2011 Rolled Curb
2012 Sidewalk Detail
2013 Pedestrian Ramps - Standard Curb Application
2014 Driveway Approach - Type A1
2015 Driveway Approach - Type B
2016 Street Sign Placement Detail
2017 Street Name Sign Detail
2018 Pavement Markings
2019 Typical Turn Pocket
2020 Survey Monuments Detail
2021 Class III Terminus Barricade
2022 Class II Terminus Barricade
..Bus Stop Drawings
BD-01 Bus Detail 1
BD-02 Bus Detail 2
BD-03 Bus Detail 3
BD-04 Bus Detail 4
Index Index
GenNotes General
SSNotes Sanitary Sewer
WNotes Water
SNotes Streets
SDNotes Storm Drainage
MGGNotes Mass Grading and Geotechnical
..Electronic Drawing Submittal
CS.xls CADD Standards (Excell Spreadsheet)
CD.dwg CADD Block (DWG File)
DS.PDF Drafting Standards


Engineering Projects


For current updates on these and all City Projects CLICK HERE
7th Avenue Capacity and Safety Project
State Highway 41 Pedestrian/Bicycle Trail
I-90 Beck Road Area Interchange Project
Environmental Assessment for I-90 Beck Road Interchange
Press Release
Beck Road Scoping
I-90 Post Falls Access Improvements Project
Draft Environmental Impact Statement Click on link to view all documents
Spokane Street Project

Spokane Street Overview
Spokane Street Preferred Alternatives
Spokane Street Preferred Master Plan

Road Projects Work and estimated schedule