Water Reclamation Division

2002 W. Seltice Way. 773-1438

Collection System

Post Falls Collection System consists of 31 lift stations fed by 133.6 miles of sanitary sewer. The system also consists of 24.05 miles of force mains to transport the waste to the treatment plant.

Waste Treatment Plant
The plant came on line in 1985 and has continued to expand to the present day capacity of 3.2 million gallons per day. In 2000 a consultant was hired to do a Comprehensive Sewage Facility Plan. Over 32 million in expansion and upgrades are planned in the next 9 years to meet growth and regulation changes.

Contact Information
Lead Operator
Don Ellis Jr.
Adam Tate
Ph: (208) 773-1438
Sr. Lab Tech
Robert Hatcher
Lab Tech
Carlos Bentancourt
Tom Valenzuela
Chad Worley
Industrial Pretreat Coor.
Mark Barkley
Ph:(208-457-3381) mbarkley@postfallsidaho.org