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About the IT Department

Mike Kirby, Information Technology Administrator

The Information Technology department provides management and technical services for the City’s computer, network and telephone systems. These systems provide all of the City’s computer services, including standardized desktop applications, business applications, databases, electronic mail, remote access, mapping and other services. IT services include system planning, maintenance, network security, systems back-up, Internet access and oversight of user applications. The IT department provides direct customer support to employees through desktop installation, configuration, maintenance, repair, and network access services. The IT department also oversees the development, continuing enhancement, and maintenance of the City’s Intranet site. The IT department provides end user technology training to all departments either through in-house training classes or outside service providers.

The administration of the network servers, operating systems and applications, desktop computers, printers, network infrastructure (routers, hubs, fiber cabling) and remote site connectivity is provided by the City IT staff.