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Public Information Office
1st Floor of City Hall
Hours: Mon-Fri ⋅ 8am-5pm
Phone: (208) 457-3341

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VieBit -City Videos
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Social Media Policy
City Cable Channel Policy
September 11, 2014:  State of Idaho issues all local cable/video service franchise agreements

Public Information Office and City Cable

The Public Information Office provides timely information of interest to the public and the media. The City’s number one communications goal is to foster open and transparent government and public involvement. The Public Information Office manages the City’s Web site, Social Media, and City Cable broadcasts. The Public Information Office provides support to City staff for media awareness campaigns, special events works to communicate directly with members of the media in both preparing and placing stories and responding to media inquiries.

City Council and City commission meetings are broadcast live on Post Falls City Cable. City Cable is available in digital format on cable channel 1300 (formerly 97.103). City videos are also available as video on demand on VieBit and YouTube

The City of Post Falls’ use of social media is provided as a public service and a means of conveying information from the City, about the City to its citizens. Social Media Policy.

Do you have a question or concern, but don’t know who to ask? City Staff is ready and willing to help you address issues or concerns you might have. Call City Hall (Mon-Fri 8-5) at (208) 773-3511 or (208) 457-3341. Or You can Email the Public Information Office with your question.