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The Engineering Division
1st Floor of City Hall.
Hours: Mon-Fri ⋅ 8am – 5pm
Phone: (208) 773-4235

Please Note: When paying fees online you will be charged an additional 3.3%. This will be listed in your receipt and for your convenience be added into your grand total. opens in a new window

Bill Melvin – City Engineer

Robert Palus – Assistant City Engineer

James Mulcahy – Staff Engineer

Darrin Hibbs – Senior Engineering Technician

James Spalsbury – Engineering Technician

Jennifer Poindexter – Administrative Specialist

Terina Lefler – Permit Coordinator Concierge
Commercial Building Permits and Plans

The mission of the Engineering Division is to provide efficient support to the Public Works Department, Citywide departments, as well as developers and contractors. The Engineering Division strives to provide consistent judgment and fairness in our dealings with developers and contractors to allow for development to proceed in an economical manner while protecting the interests, health and welfare of the citizens of the City of Post Falls. The Engineering Division also pursues upholding a good representation of City Government.

Available Now –

The City of Post Falls has updated their current Permitting Program and online Permit Portal.  The online Permit Portal is more streamlined and user friendly.  This Portal allows our customers to apply for Building, Planning and Engineering applications. Customers are able to apply, upload plans and documents, pay fees online, track and schedule their own inspections on their customer dashboard page.

To utilize the Customer Permitting Portal you will need to apply for an account.  We ask that you create one account per company.  By creating only one account anyone within your Company will have the availability to submit and check the status of plan reviews and inspections.  Therefore, you will need to create a generic group email, just as we have for our permit technicians, (  If someone within your company has already submitted for an account any additional requests will be denied.  Once you receive a confirmation email you may go back and login to your new account.  If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to contact

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