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Legal Services
2nd Floor of City Hall
Hours: Mon-Fri â‹… 8am – 5pm
Phone: (208) 773-0215

Legal Services Director: Warren Wilson
Deputy City Attorney: Field Herrington
City Prosecutor: Eileen J. McGovern
Deputy City Prosecutor: Patrick Kiernan
Office Manager: Joy Simon


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Kootenai County
Idaho State Bar

State of Idaho

Idaho Supreme Court Data Repository

The Legal Services Department provides legal representation to the mayor, city council and city staff concerning all legal matters affecting the City.  The Legal Services Department also prosecutes misdemeanor criminal cases occurring within the City as well as those occurring in Rathdrum.  The goal of the Legal Services Department is to provide these services in an effective and efficient manner.

“Welcome to the Legal Services Department’s web site. We hope you find it a useful resource to learn more about our office, its role in the community and the cases we handle.”

For Questions about a Private Legal Issue:
The Legal Services Department cannot provide legal advice to the general public or referrals to individual attorneys.  If you have a question regarding a private legal matter, please consult an attorney.  You can contact the Idaho State Bar or Idaho Legal Aid for assistance in locating an attorney.   
For Questions or Information about a Current Misdemeanor Case:We are prohibited from discussing cases directly with defendants who are represented by an attorney.  If you are being represented by an attorney, please contact your attorney directly with questions regarding your case.  This also applies to friends and relatives of the defendant.  Questions concerning a defendant who is currently in custody should be directed to the Kootenai County Jail or the defendant’s attorney.
If you are not represented, please contact our receptionist at (208) 773-0215 with questions you may have about your case.