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Black Bay Depot is located at 1211 E 3rd Ave behind the Senior Center Building. This 5000 square foot building is offers two rooms to host community recreation programs and classes. The east rooms is 40’ x 40’ and has a maximum occupancy of 98 people and is suited for fitness, dance, yoga and other active/fitness related programs. The west room building is 33’ x 35′, an occupancy of 66 people. It has a sink, counter space and a refrigerator and basic audio visual equipment available. Separating the two rooms is a room for caretakers to view activities being conducting inside. This room exits to a patio space on the north side of the building overlooking a turf field space, suitable for the youngest of our athletes as well as additional fitness based programming. Other amenities onsite are a community playground designed for children 2-5, passive seating areas and connectivity to the Centennial Trail.