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Black Bay Vision Plan
Black Bay Vision Plan Birds Eye View
Black Bay Vision Plan – Flipbook
Bay Vision Plan – PDF

Black Bay Park is located on the 1200 block of East 3rd Avenue (accessible at 2 entrances), one off 3rd and one at the end of Bay St.
This 56 acre park offers paved walking and biking trails that tie into the Centennial Trail, and offer fishing access and scenic views of the Spokane River. There is a large shaded shelter (24’x30’), 2 smaller covered shelters along the looped trail, an upper & lower paved parking lot, a basketball court, and two lighted tennis courts
Dogs Allowed on a leash.

Address: E. 1200 3rd Avenue

Park Reservation Form & Fee Schedule


  • 24’x40′ Shaded picnic area with 6 tables
  • Basketball Court
  • 2 Lighted Tennis Courts
  • 2 Parking lots
  • Paved Hiking / Biking Trails
  • Scenic Views W/ Benches
  • Fishing
  • Sledding (In winter)
Black Bay Park viewpoint
Black Bay Park Basketball Court
Black Bay Park pavilion
Black Bay Park Trail