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Q’emiln Trailhead Event Center is located in Q’emiln Park (pronounced “ka-mee-lin”). Which is located at the south end of the Spokane Street bridge.
Whether you are planning for a wedding, reception, corporate retreat or company party the Trailhead Facility is a versatile location with a rustic feel. This large open location provides warmth and shelter with access to the beauty of Q’emiln park and the Spokane River.
The facility is a fully enclosed building 32’x122′ and has a capacity of 150 people.

Address: 12361 W. Parkway Drive

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  • Tables and chairs for 150
  • Air Conditioning
  • Kitchen with double ovens and full sized refrigerator
  • 3 restrooms
  • 39′ x 30′ back deck
Trailhead Front Entrance
Trailhead Deck
Trailhead Back
Q'emiln Trailhead wedding deck
Q'emiln Trailhead wedding