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The BLM proposes to construct a day-use recreation site on the Ross Point parcel. The recreation site would be developed with grass, paved parking, restroom, walking paths, picnic tables, shade structures, etc. The parking area would be delineated with fencing and have trails leading to the rest of the site from the parking area. There would be a non-motorized access point to the river that would allow for swimming, paddling, rowing, fishing, etc. A dock would be constructed for swimming, fishing, and for small watercraft to access the day-use site. (See Appendix A: Conceptual Plan and Section 6 for a detailed description of the proposed action.)

BLM has started work toward the development of park improvements at the Ross Point recreation site.  This work has required the temporary closure of the site to public access to allow for a timber sale and utility work to be conducted.  This closure is not anticipated to be prolonged at this time, but as development of the site progresses it is anticipated access to the site will be restricted from time to time.

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