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Falls Park

In 1871, Frederick Post made a deal with Andrew Seltice to obtain more than 200 acres of Spokane River land to start a water powered lumber mill. The purchase of the land is preserved in a pictograph on a granite cliff in Treaty Rock Park. In 1902, the mill was destroyed by fire; the dam was undamaged. In 1905 the mill was rebuilt and resumed operations. A newly formed Washington Water Power Company purchased Post’s site and began making plans to develop a hydroelectric facility.  The new hydro plant at Post Falls would provide power to mines nearly 100 miles away via the longest high-voltage transmission line in the world. The dam and hydro plant is now operated by Avista Utilities and is the site of Falls Park, with observation decks open to the public.
Springtime is one of the best times to visit the Falls, the water is roaring with runoff from the mountains and Coeur d’ Alene Lake. During the Winter months, the Falls capture the beauty of snow and ice in nature.

Falls spring runoff
Falls Dam viewpoint
Falls Spring View
Falls Dam face spring
Falls - Dam face
Avista Bridge
3rd Channel Dam
3rd Channel spring
Falls Winter ice
the Falls in Winter