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Snow Removal & Quadrant Locator Map

The Street Division is located at 800 N. Public Works Way.
Hours: Monday-Friday 7am – 3:30pm
Phone: (208) 773-1722


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Snow Alert
Stay Informed about Conditions:
Alerts will be posted on the City’s Facebook Page opens in a new window during snow events to inform citizens about snow removal efforts..

SNOW ALERT: Frozen moisture, freezing rain, 0-2 inches of snowfall on roadway surface and snowing. Use of snow and ice control equipment is warranted at this time.
STAGE I: Greater than 2 inches of snowfall on the roadway surface. Along with the use of snow control equipment snow plows can commence on major arterials, hills and curves, emergency routes, and secondary arterials.
STAGE 2: More than 4 inches of snowfall on the roadway surface or 3 inches of snowfall on the roadway and more than 4 inches predicted.
.The City of Post Falls will no longer be issuing Snow Berm Reduction Applications because the City is implementing the use of snow gates this year, applications for the snow berm reduction program are no longer necessary or accepted.

The City of Post Falls has updated their Snow Response Operations Plan. Residents will see some important changes in the City’s approach to winter storms. Public safety is still the top priority of the City of Post Falls’ Snow Response Operation and we are committed to providing residents and visitors a safe winter experience. 

The Plan Provides – 

  • City Plow Teams will start 24hr coverage with two crews, 8 day shift and 8 night shift, starting December 1, 2018 and will continue through March 2019
  • City Crews will be implementing the use of four (4) Snow Gates this snow season
  • The City of Post Falls Snow Berm Reduction Program is cancelled, as the new gates will mitigate snow berms for all residents.
  • An updated Snow Zone map on the city website
  • Citizens can expect a higher emphasis on priority routes such as Spokane, Idaho, Seltice, and Mullan
  • We encourage citizens to provide feedback via email 

Plowing Concerns? Let Us Know

For faster response when you have concerns, don’t call us. Email us or fill out the Snow Worries Contact Form. If this is an emergency call 911.
Snow Worries Contact Form

  1. Describe your problem or concern
  2. Address (your address or where the problem is located)
  3. Your Name (so we can contact you if needed)

During winter storm events, the Streets Division phone line experiences extremely high call volumes from residents asking for assistance or with plowing concerns. In an effort to provide better customer service, we are urging residents who have non-emergency concerns or problems relating to winter plowing to email at opens in a new window instead of calling. This email will automatically go to multiple Street Division supervisors who can act on the problem without having to wait for the Streets Division office to review the phone calls and forward them.

Each individual snow storm presents unique conditions and challenges that warrant different approaches to snow and ice control. Factors such as wind, moisture content of the snow, pavement temperature, ice build-up on road surfaces and projected snow accumulations all influence snow fighting strategies.

Snow Plowing and You – 

  • Snow Gates- City now has snow gates in its fleet. These gates allow plow drivers to avoid placing a berm at the end of driveways. Snow gates won’t completely remove driveway berms, particularly for those who live on arterials that are plowed more frequently, but they will dramatically reduce berms throughout the City. During winter storms crews will be using 4 loaders with snow gates and 4 plow trucks.
  • Citizens can expect extended plow times as the use of Snow Gates will slow plow teams
  • The City of Post Falls recommends citizens limit on street parking during snow events
  • City plow teams request that citizens do not park in cul de sacs in the winter months. It is very difficult for large plow equipment the clear snow. In the event a cul de sac is blocked plow operators will be forced to leave the cul de sac until all vehicles have been moved
  • Please remove basketball hoops and other obstacles from city streets
  • Crews use a snow plowing technique to help keep snowberms off the sidewalks. By snow plows traveling slower when plowing snow isn’t rolled onto sidewalks. This will extend the time it takes to plow the entire City, but will make travel safer for those using sidewalks.
  • Greater emphasis on de-icing intersections to provide a safe winter travel experience while protecting our environment through the responsible use of deicing chemicals and abrasives.

How Can You Help? 

  • Be a Good Neighbor  – Keep your sidewalk cleared after snowfalls and when possible de-ice slippery sidewalks. Help elderly and disabled neighbors by clearing their driveways and sidewalks, if you can. 
  • When it starts to snow, please do not park your car along snow routes whenever possible. This will prevent your car from being “buried” by snowplows. This will also help snow plow drivers to travel City streets more safely and allow them to clean snow from the street and parking lanes to the curbs.
  • Clearing your driveway – Shovel to the right of your driveway when you’re looking at the street. That prevents plows from pushing snow you shoveled back into the driveway, lessening the snow berm in your driveway.
  • Do not plow or shovel snow into the City streets. Please shovel snow from your sidewalk and driveway into your yard. Plowing snow into streets creates a hazard to the public and snow plows, is a violation of City Ordinance.
  • Remove obstacles from the streets (basketball hoops should not be placed in City streets)