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The Water Reclamation Division
2002 W. Seltice Way
Hours: Mon-Fri ⋅ 7am – 4pm
Phone: (208) 777-9857


Craig Borrenpohl – Utilities Manager

Adam Tate – Chief Operator

Mark Barkley – Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator

Industrial Pretreatment Program
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Collection System

The City of Post Falls maintains a Collection System to transport wastewater to the Water Reclamation Facility which consists of 32 lift stations and over 165 miles of pipelines. Wastewater flows by gravity from homes and businesses into the lift stations (also called pump stations) where it is pumped either to the next station or to the Water Reclamation Facility itself.

Water Reclamation Facility

The plant came on line in 1985 and has continued to expand to the present day capacity of 4.0 million gallons per day. In 2014, the City was issued a new permit for the facility which requires the installation of state-of-the-art technology to remove phosphorus to levels among the most stringent in the nation. The project to meet the requirements was initiated in anticipation of the permit issuance and will continue through 2022.
The Water Reclamation Facility first removes any trash and grit (for disposal at a landfill) and then uses a largely biological process to remove contaminants, nutrients, and pollutants. Cleaned water is returned to the environment into the Spokane River. Solids generated in the process, largely microbes which grow by processing the wastewater, are sent to a composting facility for reuse as fertilizer.
Tours are available upon request and pending staff availability.

Post Falls Community Forest

The City of Post Falls is working toward the development of a 500 acre multi-use natural area called the Post Falls Community Forest.
It is envisioned for this area to serve as a multi-use property for the City, providing an opportunity to reuse highly treated Class A reclaimed water via drip irrigation, serving as an educational forest, and providing outdoor recreational opportunities to citizens and visitors.
Post Falls Community Forest History & Future Plans