John Beacham – Public Services Director
Craig Borrenpohl – Utilities Manager

What is Water Recycling?
Water recycling is the process of converting wastewater into water that can be used for other beneficial purposes such as agriculture and irrigation, municipal water supply, industrial process and/or environmental restoration. Water recycling is important because it provides sustainability to existing water supplies, improves water quality, and reduces discharge and disposal cost of wastewater.

The City of Post Falls currently has two land application sites planned for applying recycled water.

Prairie Property

Press Release – Land Application Annexation
On May 18, 2021 the Post Falls City Council finalized the annexation of 717 acres of property of the Rathdrum Prairie with a zoning designation of Public Reserve. The property includes a 70 acre school site owned by the Post Falls School District and 647 acres reserved for open space and the land application of recycled water.

Post Falls Community Forest

The City of Post Falls is working toward the development of a 500 acre multi-use natural area called the Post Falls Community Forest.
It is envisioned for this area to serve as a multi-use property for the City, providing an opportunity to reuse highly treated Class A reclaimed water via drip irrigation, serving as an educational forest, and providing outdoor recreational opportunities to citizens and visitors.
Post Falls Community Forest History & Future Plans