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The Water Division
2002 W. Seltice Way
Hours: Monday-Friday 7am – 4pm
Phone: (208) 777-9857


Matthew Isch – Chief Operator

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There are over one hundred-fifteen (115) miles of water lines in the City of Post Falls. Two other water districts also provide water to the area in addition to the City. The source of the water provided by the City is from eight (8) wells, all drawing from the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. These wells are capable of producing over 21 million gallons per day. Storage capacity is currently at 6.25 million gallons which can be supplied to City customers even if there is no power available. The City also has 4 emergency connections with other water districts.

The City system has seven thousand (7000) residential and commercial water meters. These meters are read on a monthly basis with a vehicle radio read system. Average operating system water pressure is sixty-five to seventy-five (65-75) pounds; customers further north in the system will have lower water pressure while customers further south will have higher pressures.

Backflow Testing

The City of Post Falls requires Annual Backflow Prevention Testing for all City residential and commercial/industrial water accounts.All commercial/industrial water customers with backflow prevention assemblies on site must comply with the annual backflow assembly test requirements between January 1 and May 15 of each calendar year.All residential water customers with backflow prevention assemblies on site must comply with the annual backflow prevention assembly test requirements within fifteen (15) days of the date the irrigation system is recharged/turned on, and prior to June 15 of each calendar year. Registered Backflow Assembly Tester

Have a water related question or issue? Contact Us First

The Water Division’s primary functions are to supply and protect the potable water in our area and to educate and assist our customers. By contacting us first we often can assist you with your water related issues & save you money. Please call us at (208) 777-9857 and we will do our best to be of service.
You can also email us at
For any after hours emergency please call the Police Department (208) 773-3517