Phase One (construction to start in spring 2021)
Completing Spokane Street south of Prairie
Avenue to modify the road and drainage
to better fit the recent railroad crossing
improvements. This generally includes:
• Two travel lanes (one in each direction)
• Curb and gutter
• ADA-friendly (Americans with Disabilities Act)
sidewalks and ramps
• The sidewalks will be separated from the
roadway with a vegetated swale, where
space permits.

Phase Two (construction to start in summer 2021)
Installing either a roundabout or traffic signal at the Spokane Street and Prairie Avenue intersection.
• To the east, tying the new intersection into the
existing Prairie Avenue roadway.
• To the west, constructing roadway
improvements to tie into the existing road
near the roundabout at Prairie Avenue and
Chase Road.
› Prairie Avenue between Spokane Street
and Chase Road will generally be two travel
lanes in each direction and a center, twoway
turn lane.
• Adding new turf and street trees, irrigation, roadway lighting, and stormwater features, such as grassy roadside swales, to both Spokane Street and Prairie Avenue.
• Connecting Spokane Street as a through-street to the north.
• Upgrading the City’s wastewater system with several improvement projects. This work is anticipated to be complete in conjunction with roadway improvements.
• Resurfacing and re-striping Spokane Street from Grange Avenue to Prairie Avenue.


During Phase One, construction will include minor roadway and sidewalk width changes, curb and gutter additions/revisions, and a defined southbound bike lane. Phase two will reconfigure and re-stripe the roadway to accommodate bike lanes in each direction and left turn lanes at Brookie Drive and Stagecoach Road.


Please note, construction schedules are approximate and subject to change; check here for most up-to-date information.