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APPLICATION FORM for City Boards & Commissions

The following commissions are broadcast live on City Cable channel 1300 (formerly 97.103) and video is available on YouTube.
Planning & Zoning Commission
Parks & Recreation
Urban Renewal Agency

Planning & Zoning Commission

Planning and Zoning Commission meets every 2nd Tuesday of each month in the City Hall Council Chambers at 5:30 pm. Meetings are broadcast live on City Cable.

Term of Office
The commission consists of seven members. Each appointed for a 4-year term.

Chairman -Ryan Davis, Vice -Chair -Ray Kimball, Commissioners – James Steffensen, Vicky Jo Carey, Nancy Hampe, Ross Schlotthauer, Kevin Ward
Contact Staff: Planning Staff Email / Ph: (208) 773-8708

Parks & Recreation Commission

Parks and Recreation Commission meets every other month (January, March, May, July, September and November) on the 4th Tuesday at 6pm in the City Hall Council Chambers. Meetings are broadcast live on City Cable.  Two to four workshops may be held during the year TBA. Workshops are open to the public and are not broadcast on City Cable.

Term of Office
The commission consists of seven members. Each appointed for a 4-year term.

Chairman – Geena Duczek, Vice -Chair – Christie Vranich, Commissioners– James A. Hail III, Jayson Cornwell, Dani Zibell-Wolfe, Krista Noyes, Angela Snyder
Contact Staff: Parks & Recreation Staff Email / Ph: (208) 773-0539

Industrial Development Corporation (IDC)

The purpose of the Industrial Development Corporation is to function as a public corporation pursuant to the provisions of the Act and the Ordinance (City Ordinance 1270) and to issue tax exempt nonrecourse revenue bonds to finance industrial development facilities located within the corporate boundaries of the Municipality.  The financing of industrial development facilities is for the purpose of promoting higher employment, encouraging the development of new jobs, maintaining and supplementing the capital investments in industry that currently exist within the State of Idaho, encouraging future employment by ensuring future capital investment, attracting environmentally sound industry within the corporate boundaries of the Municipality and to the State of Idaho, protecting and enhancing the quality of natural resources and the environment, and promoting the production and conservation of energy.

Term of Office
The commission consists of 3 members. Each appointed for a 3-year term.

Board Members – Ron Jacobson (Mayor), Randy Oakes, Jerry Lyons
Contact Staff: IDC Staff Email / Ph: (208) 773-3511

Urban Forestry Sub-Committee

Chairman – Ray Getchius, Members – Deborah Patterson, Bill Cook, Ralph Meyer, Kevin Zirker, Dean Sutton
Contact Staff: Urban Forestry Staff Email / Ph: (208) 773-0539

Building Code Board of Appeals

The duties and authority of the building code board of appeals shall hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the building official of the city of Post Falls in accordance with operative provisions of the adopted international building code, international residential code, international mechanical code, international fuel gas code, international property maintenance code, international existing building code, international energy conservation code, and any other building or construction codes adopted by the city of Post Falls.

Chairman – Mark Latham, Members – Jeff Barnhart, Bill Miller, Rick Schmidt,
Contact Staff: Building Staff Email / Ph: (208) 773-8708

Urban Renewal Agency

The Post Falls Urban Renewal Agency (PFURA) was created and approved by the Post Falls City Council in 1991. The Agency was established to promote development and redevelopment efforts in an undervalued portion of the City of Post Falls.

The Urban Renewal Agency’s mission is to foster sound economic and community improvement that enhances the overall quality of life in Post Falls by providing and improving infrastructure, attracting jobs and enhancing citizen safety and health.

Urban renewal and revenue allocation financing is a significant tool available to Idaho communities for attracting and retaining businesses, generating economic development, promoting job creation and encouraging development of deteriorating and underutilized areas.
Visit the Post Falls Urban Renewal website