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Subdivision Administrative Review Applications

Public Hearings on Quasi-Judicial Items
Sometimes the City acts on land use requests, such as subdivision requests, street vacations, rezone requests, and special use permits. These are called quasi-judicial items since members of the Planning Commission or Council act as judges and can only consider evidence from a public hearing.  The City can only consider evidence related to the City’s adopted evaluation criteria.  The City may also use a Hearing Examiner to conduct the public hearing.  After everyone who has signed up to speak at the hearing has spoken, the hearing is closed and Commission or Council members discuss the issue.  They may make a decision at that time or may continue the item to another meeting for the ultimate decision.

Written Testimony – A Convenient Alternative to In-person Testimony
You can read information from the applicant and the staff analysis of the request on this webpage.  You can then submit written testimony for the Planning Commission/City Council to consider.  Your testimony should relate to the adopted evaluation criteria.  Once your testimony is received by the City it is entered into the record for the hearing and will be considered by the decision maker just like if you testified in person.  Submitting written testimony during this time is strongly encouraged.

All public comments or testimony received will become public records available to the public.  The City of Post Falls may also make these comments, and any attachments or other supporting materials, available on the City’s website.  Do not include any information in your comment or supporting materials that you do not wish to be made public.

City Council Public Hearings

October 20, 2020

Register to Testify for Public Hearing via Zoom

Creative Homes Zone Change – October 20, 2020
Creative Homes Zone Change – Submit Written Public Testimony

November 3, 2020

North Place Easement Vacation – November 3, 2020
North Place Easement Vacation – Submit Written Public Testimony

Planning & Zoning Public Hearings

Comprehensive Plan Amendment – November 10, 2020
Comprehensive Plan Amendment – Submit Written Public Testimony